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20150201_225828Meet a couple of my Sidekicks. (From Left to Right)Barney, Jeremy & Clyde.

I created this website to share my crochet products I have made. My favorite crochet style is Amigurumi right now.  Although, I would like learn Tunisian style some day.  It looks fun and has a lot of potential to make some really pretty things.  Crochet Techniques 

I love to crochet. Especially when you finish a character like one of these guys. They all really do have their own personalities.

I’m sure you will find the information here, both informative and educatonional.  I did throw in a few quirks (like the Crochet Braids page.) Nothing to do with Needle and yarn, but it was quite interesting to me.  Enjoy looking around and Have A Great Day!

 ps – Make sure to check out my critters for sale (Crochet Items for Sale)

 Crochet Drean   Crochet    Crochet Drean   Crochet Drean

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